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A collage of Paige Hulsey and her two sons
A photo of Paige Husey

Meet the Author

Paige Hulsey is a storyteller based in St. Louis, MO. She grew up fishing in rivers, lakes, and ponds around her family's Midwest farm. Now, Paige enjoys working with her husband and their two sons to expand their berry patches. Paige is also a storyteller on TV, reporting for a local news station and hosting a weekly segment highlighting activities for kids. 

About Blooming Acres

At Blooming Acres Publishing, we are dedicated to creating books that entertain, inspire, and educate. We hope our stories are a joy for parents and their children to read together. We want our adventures to encourage a child's natural curiosity about the opportunities that await them outdoors. We also aim to educate children about the benefits of an active lifestyle and a resilient mindset. We believe that reading is essential to a child's development and so is time to play. At the end of every story, we hope our readers walk away wanting to go experience their own adventure. 

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