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Hi there! Have we met yet?

Hi! I’m Paige. I’m a mom of two boys, a wife, a bestie to an oversized Goldendoodle, an introvert who plays an extrovert on TV, a suburbanite, a sometimes wanna-be homesteader, a breakfast connoisseur, berry farmer, baseball fan and storyteller who was genetically bred to enjoy fishing.

Author Paige Hulsey holding her two sons while standing near a fishing pond
Me and my boys, the light of my life.

I made it here by way of Bourbon, MO, with a layover in China and detour to Wisconsin, before landing in St. Louis. But all that is a story for another time.

Anyway, it’s nice to "meet" you. I would love to hear what brought you here. Send me an email!

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Robert Hart
Robert Hart
08 sept. 2023

Hello, loved receiving your email and family pictures! It was quite a nice surprise, seeing your name pop into my inbox!

I am retired, married to a wonderful wife, mother and Nana Patty. We have 6 Grand-kids (all within 6 miles), so most of our retirement time is spent entertaining, or being entertained by our 2 girls (17 & 19) and our 4 boys (7, 8, 9 and 11). The 19 year old recently let us know she is pregnant...with twins!

We live in Imperial, MO part time, and have a house at Lake of the Ozarks - which is our grand-kids favorite place to be.

I saw your segment focusing on your books and look forward to the arrival…

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