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My “Wildest” Road Trip

Happy Grandparents' Day! My grandpa’s pond is still one of our family’s favorite fishing spots and I hid a little tribute to that in my children’s book - you’ll have to let me know if you spot it when you are reading the story. 

Speaking of my grandpa, have I ever told you the story of our 2,000 mile long road-trip into the wild?

I’ve taken some adventurous trips in my life, including backpacking in Cambodia, sleeping in a yurt in the Mongolian dessert, and making my way into the DMZ between North and South Korean. But my “wildest” road-trip was when I was just 15 and my co-pilot was my grandpa. 

On the morning of my 15th birthday, my grandpa and I packed his truck with our suitcases, fishing poles, and coolers for a 2,000 mile road trip to Northwestern Ontario, Canada. Just the two of us. But before we headed north, he drove me to the DMV so I could take my driver’s permit test, which would legally allow me to drive with him in the car. 

I failed the test. 

I took it a second time. I passed. 

But when we went to get the actual paperwork, we were turned away because he wasn’t my legal guardian. We hopped in the truck and he started driving north anyway. 

A smiling grandfather in the driver’s seat on a rural road
My grandpa driving during our 2,000 mile road trip to go fishing

We spent the week fishing and found our lucky spot. He cleaned the fish and I cleaned the kitchen. We ate every meal together. We drove around looking for moose. We enjoyed a simple lake life together for a week. 

And then he drove us all the way home. We stopped for a rootbeer float on the way. That ice cream treat is just one of so many vivid memories I have from that road trip, just the two of us. 

We had set out for a fishing trip. But it ended up being so much more. Then again, isn’t every day fishing more than just fishing.

A grandfather and granddaughter smiling, holding a fishing pole with a small walleye
My grandpa & I at one of our favorite fishing holes where we snagged this walleye


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